What is FIEC?

FIEC (Faisalabad International Expo Center) is the biggest venue in Pakistan which offers specially designed state of the art space to showcase brands/products/manufacturers.

It is a platform for Industries to hold local exhibitions for the local market

It is a forum which provides a golden opportunity for interactive engagement with potential clients and lucrative leads for a profitable business

It gives opportunity to international businesses which are targeting the local potential.

It is a forum to showcase regionally existing industrial production.

It provides a platform to introduce products and services.

It is a great platform for product launching.

Exhibitions here can be held to create awareness about future projects/products.

Best place for direct wholesale marketing.

Best place for direct retail marketing.

It provides opportunity to make bookings for production and close deals.

It can be used to exhibit clearance sales of the excess stocks.

It is the most powerful tool for face-to-face marketing and getting direct consumer feedback for product development and improvement.

It gives access to exploration of new markets.


Who is it for?

Types of Expos:

B2B (Business to Business) Industry to exporter/importer

B2C (Business to Consumer) Industry to Consumer (direct marketing & order booking)

C2C (Consumer to Consumer) One consumer selling goods or services to another consumer

Permanent Displays _____Long-term Presence

Long term Displays _____Yearly Presence

Short term Displays _____Monthly Presence, Weekly Presence, 4 Days presence (which will be once a year or twice a year depending upon the response)

FIEC platform can be used to hold exhibitions, fairs and events by:

General Public

IAPEX events

IAP events

Auto-mobile industries

Food festivals

Book fairs

Textile industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Auto-mobile industries

Literary festivals

Handicraft exhibitors

Agricultural exhibitions

Companies dealing in industrial mechanical part

Home and office furniture industries

Home appliances and electronics exhibitors

Apparel and clothing manufactures

Fashion and beauty products exhibitors

Real estate Agencies (Like Zameen, Star Marketing, etc.)

Building material exhibitors (paints, tiles, wash room fixtures, steel mills, solar energy companies, doors and windows vendors, carpet and curtains manufacturers, smart solution’s for buildings, glass , aluminum exhibitors, insulation material manufacturers, PPRC / PVC pipes manufacturers, electrical power wiring companies, fire safety equipment industries)


How will it benefit this City?

Primary Purpose is:

Trade development, exposing local manufacturer & industry and help to increase product sales and expansion. This will further help in employment generation and boost local economy, resulting in a better life of people of Faisalabad and Pakistan..

Fulfillment of needs through providing national and international level exposure to manufacturers, businesses and services.

Strengthening local economy through participation of visitors and exhibitors. Such events promote businesses of local hotels and restaurants , tourist attractions and shopping areas.

These objectives can be further achieved with the support of national and international trade associations like:



Chamber of Commerce

The Federal of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Quetta Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Attock Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chaman Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Dadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Dera Ghazi Khan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Dera Ismail Khan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Haripur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Jhang Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Jhelum Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Larkana Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mardan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sargodah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sukkur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Gilgit Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mirpurkhas Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chakwal Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Shikarpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Swat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Khairpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Kohat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Pashin Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mansehra Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Loralai Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Sheikhupura Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mirpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Gwadar Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chitral Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Makran Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Zhob Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mohmand Agency Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Bajour Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Shaheed Benazirabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Khanewal Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Lower Dir Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Jamshoro Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Lower Dir Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Jamshoro Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Musa Khail Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Qila Saifullah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Nagar Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Hunza Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Chaghi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Swabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Trade Associations of Pakistan:

PTEA (All Pakistan Cloth Exporters Association)

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association

TMA-Towel Manufacturers Association of Pakistan

All Pakistan Security Agencies Association

All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association

APCA All Pakistan Contractor Association

REAP Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan

Karachi Cotton Association

Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association

Pakistan Gloves Manufacturer Exporters Association

Pakistan Hardware Merchants Association

IAP Insurance Association of Pakistan

PAMA Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association

PJMA Pakistan Jute Mills Association

PPMA Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Pakistan Banks Association

PYMA Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association

Pakistan Steel Melters Association

PSMA Pakistan Sugar Mills Association

PVMA Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association

PRGMEA Pak Readymade Garments Manufacturer & Exporters Association

PASPIDA Pakistan Auto Mobile Spare Parts Importers & Dealers Association

Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants Association

PCFA Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association

SGMEA Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association

PHMA Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association

Surgical Instrument Manufacturers Association of Pakistan

PFMA Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

Industries local exhibitions for local market

International business targeting the local potential.

Showcase of regionally existing industrial production.


What is the importance of expo centers?

Expo centers play an important role in the socio-economic development , of a city. They have a significant impact on the local community through employment opportunities, trade of goods, community events and increased tourism in the area.

Expo centers provide a platform to showcase national and international products, businesses and services at one space. This helps create awareness about new market trends, promotes healthy competition, inspires innovative thinking and helps build awareness about new advertising, marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

These forums and events provide opportunities for direct dialogue between producers and consumers; conducting professional conferences and discussions within the exhibitions and the establishment of promising business contacts. All these factors together, promote the image of the city on the one hand while on the other broaden the intellectual horizons of all those attending the events .


How is Faisalabad currently losing out on exposure without a properly planned Expo Center?

Faisalabad is the third most populous city of Pakistan. It is also one of the biggest industrial cities of the country. With important developments like, M3 Industrial Estate and Allama Iqbal Industrial Estate in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Faisalabad is poised to become an industrial hub of the Punjab region. Despite, the city’s importance in the national GDP , unfortunately, Faisalabad still lacks such powerful platforms which can give a boost to its industries and manufacturers to display their products to prospective markets. .

While, on the other hand, a number of manufacturers from other cities of Pakistan as well as from other countries, are readily exhibiting their products to such potential markets by participating in exhibitions in Lahore and Karachi. Faisalabad suffers due to non-availability of such professional platforms. Whereas we can clearly see the interest of local and foreign industries which are establishing their units rapidly in Pakistan especially in M3 industrial estate Faisalabad, due to the flexible industrial policies by the government in special economic zones (SEZ).


How will FIEC at Gatwala Commercial Hub will benefit the exhibitors?

FIEC will attract footfall:

GCH is designed to be equipped with cargo lifts, passenger lifts and escalators, for the most convenient vertical connection as much as required. This easy transportation makes the visiting areas easily accessible for everyone.


What is the “Anchor Store” at GCH?

An anchor store is the big department store at a mall. Their large advertising budgets and wide range of desirable merchandise help anchor stores attract shoppers to the mall.

The shoppers often spend money at the anchors as well as at surrounding smaller retailers. Example Carrefour at Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad, Imtiaz Store at Misaq-ul Mall Faisalabad.

In GHC, the main anchor attractions which will ensure constant footfall to even events and exhibitions at FIEC are:

Dragon Souk


Selfie Art World

There are three dedicated floors for Dragon Souk, which will be one of largest Chinese wholesale & retail center dealing in Chinese products.

Home-Easy is a permanent exhibition at FIEC, as a one stop solution to designing, building and furnishing a house or an apartment.

Selfie Art World is also a permanent art exhibition area of FIEC which will attract families to visit the project.


What are the sizes and dimensions of FIEC?

Parking Facility?

FIEC has allocated more than 150,000 Sqft. of parking area for the ease of exhibitors & customer. These parking areas are dedicated at two different levels.

Overall, the GCH project covers more than 1600 car parking space.

Total Number of Exhibition Halls at FIEC?

The total number of Exhibition Halls at FIEC is 23, with an approximate covered area of 350,000 Sq. ft..

Total covered area size?

FIEC at GCH is spread over 6 Lac Sq. ft. of area approximately, which includes:

Exhibition area around 3.5 Lac Sqft

Two dedicated floors for parking spread over more than 1.5 Lac Sqft of area.

Foyer Area, Auditoriums, Public Toilets, Warehouse and Conferences Halls covers around 2 lac Sqft of area.


What makes FIEC the biggest expo center of Pakistan? How is it at par with international standards?

Locally we don’t have Expo Centers covering more than 2.5 Lac square foot of area. On the other hand, when we look at international Expo Centers, they cover up to 5 million sq. ft. of covered area (e.g., the expo centers in Germany).

FIEC is spread over 600,000 sq. ft and is meets with the international level, space requirements of expo centers.


As a Developer, why have you decided to set up an expo center at GCH?

I think, FIEC at GCH, is the most convenient location, at the most important junction of the city. If we consider the future development of the city, as per Faisalabad Peri-Urban structure plan (FPUSP) 2035, it will highlight the importance of the location of FIEC/GCH. .

FIEC is spread over 600,000 sq. ft and is meets with the international level, space requirements of expo centers.

As per the FPUSP, all the major development of Faisalabad city till 2035 will be along the Canal Express way which leads to the M3 Industrial Estate, the northern east side of Faisalabad.

Besides this, Faisalabad Dry Port, Faisalabad New International Airport, a large scale mixed commercial zone, low density to high density residential zones and all the major road infra-structure plans are already defined on this side.

FIEC at GCH makes its location very lucrative, because, it is located right in the middle of two most important industrial hubs of the Punjab region.

Besides this, Faisalabad Dry Port, Faisalabad New International Airport, a large scale mixed commercial zone, low density to high density residential zones and all the major road infra-structure plans are already defined on this side.

Firstly, the Khurrianwala Value Addition City and the proposed manufacturing zone which is only 9 km away from GCH at northern west side of the city.

Secondly, on the northern east side, M3 Industrial Estate and Allama Iqbal Industrial Estate which falls under CPEC SEZ (Special economic zone), which is 15 km away from GCH site.

As such, this location is best suited for an expo center.


What support services/facilities does an expo center usually require?

Firstly, the location matters in terms of access and the development in the nearby vicinity.

Expos should have nearby access to hotels and accommodation facility, of 2 stars up to 5 stars ratings.

Large Exhibition areas

Restaurants and food facilities in nearby vicinity or ideally in the same vicinity.

Ware Housing Facility

Near the Airport

Separate VIP access & separate general public access

Security system

Stand-by generators

Public toilets


Convention centers/Seminar halls

Public address system

Sufficient parking area

Centrally air conditioned

Reception and foyer area

Meeting Rooms

Size of Expos in terms of square footage. Locally we don’t have Expos covering more than 2.5 Lac square foot of area. On the other hand, when we look at international Expo Centers, they cover up to 5 million sq. ft of covered area.

FIEC has all these facilities and offers a great environment to showcase your product, service, brand or business.


As a Developer, why have you decided to set up an expo center at GCH?

Due to the scarcity of platforms like properly planned expo centers in Faisalabad, some makeshift display facilities are provided by the wedding halls in the city.

FIEC is spread over 600,000 sq. ft and is meets with the international level, space requirements of expo centers.

As a result, only the furniture exhibitions are held after every 4 months, at these venues.

Around 50 brands usually participate which include : Molty Foam, Habitt, Diamond foam, Master Officys Furniture etc.

Other than that, a yearly Faisalabad Literary Festival (FLF) takes place at Faisalabad Arts Council.


What venues are currently being used? What are the limitations?

Currently in Faisalabad, the event management companies are using the marriage halls/marquees for the furniture expos which are held after every 4 months. The space in these venues is not more than 40000 Sqft of area which is insufficient to hold a national or international level exhibition.


Why is GCH a relevant place for an expo center?

The most important factor of Expo center at GCH which makes it position exceptional is because of its location, as it lies on the most important junction of the city. Besides this, the infra- structure and the facilities which an expo center requires internationally, GCH is equipped with all those facilities within the same project site of GCH.

The two major facilities which play an important role in the success of any expo center worldwide, are:

(1) The availability of hotels in the nearby vicinity of the expo center, for the ease of out of city visitors and foreign delegations. GCH is equipped with 5 stars hotel accommodations along with the club facilities.

(2) An easy nearby access to good restaurants and cafes. GCH has a huge food court as well as formal dining restaurants and cozy cafes, offering formal and informal menus to satiate different tastes and preferences.


How are you going to manage an expo center within a mall?

An expo center within a mall is a rare opportunity for the exhibitors, customers and for the retailers. It is a unique opportunity to gather all the possible stake holders of businesses under one roof. It will provide a lively atmosphere taking vibes from the hustle and bustle of thriving businesses.

However, both the access points of FIEC and its related infra-structure are designed separately from the GCH mall and both the exhibition areas and the mall areas won’t disturb the privacy and activities of each other,


Is FIEC affiliated or associated with any public sector institution / authority?

FIEC is a private entity.


Is FIEC open to public?

Yes, the facility is open for public. The spaces at FIEC can be booked for long term , short term and specific periods.